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Trey discovered his love for music by watching television with his sister, specifically the videos on VH-1, finding inspiration from bands like the Goo Goo Dolls and lead singer Johnny Rzeznik.At twelve, Trey decided to try his hand at writing and playing guitar, eventually joining a band in college and sharpening his skills before the fateful day he and Jennifer made the choice to form a duo.With the myriad of genres serving as influences to Smithfield, it could seem somewhat puzzling as to how the duo circled for a landing in country music. And I love the lyrics of country too and just kind of how they told a story, and that kind of drew me to it, as well, and eventually getting with Jennifer I kind of got more into it. Even though I grew up on traditional and I love that stuff and respect it, I love what country is now too.

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Jennifer began singing at the age of nine, performing at the Oprys all over her home state.

As a child, Jennifer found herself surrounded by traditional country, while also dabbling into late nineties pop.

The project allowed Jennifer and Trey to show that they are a “true duo”, sharing the lead vocalist responsibilities equally while delivering songs that would appeal to a fifteen-year-old looking for a fun time, as well as a seventy-year-old in need of tears in solitude.

At this point, Smithfield is promoting its single “Good Ol’ Days” and performing around the country, building an impressive resume along the way.

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