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Neethling joins a remarkable list of current and former sportsmen and women around the world who support and promote the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

Ambassadors volunteer their time to work for the Foundation whose mission is to use sport as a means to combat some of the world’s toughest social challenges facing young people today, such as juvenile crime, gangs, HIV/AIDS, discrimination, social exclusion, lack of education, landmine awareness and health problems such as obesity.

He has been an inspiration to swimmers across the country, understanding the importance of nurturing talented sportsmen and essentially playing a vital role as a mentor to champion swimmers Chad le Clos and Cameron van den Berg.

Ryk epitomises the Laureus philosophy, we are really excited to have him on board.” “It’s a massive honour for me to be named a Laureus ambassador – on par with the privilege of being an Olympian.

Cape Town - When Michael Phelps won the 4x100m individual medley in the pool in Rio for an incredible 23rd Olympic gold medal, he tied South Africa's all-time tally.

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