Dating in college tips for girls

by  |  11-May-2014 05:43

Most importantly read her body language, if she seems uncomfortable by your actions or touch stop. Be Honest You have no future with her if you only tell her lies.

If you want wear a little cologne, stay away from cheap cologne like Axe or Tag: they are reminiscent of junior high school and do not have very appealing fragrance.

The best way to pick the perfect fragrance for you is to have a girl help you pick out the right cologne.

If you tell a girl she is beautiful and smart 24/7 you come off as either fake or worse: desperate. Texting is really sweet but you need to find a balance.

If she is constantly the last one to text in the conversation (not counting one word goodbyes) you probably are not texting enough.

You want to get close to her and the only way to do that is to tell the truth and be real with her.

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